• Dr. William Cawley

    Dr. William Cawley

    Dr. William Cawley is a Board Certified Chiropractor specializing in treating a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.
    He graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick , New Jersey with a bachelor of

    science in exercise physiology. His strong interests and passion for health and wellness have led him to earn his
    doctorate in chiropractic care from New York Chiropractic College. As a member of the Sports Science and Human Performance Club, and with prior work as a personal trainer, he developed his skills combining chiropractic and functional rehabilitation. Continuing education studies are priority for Dr. Cawley. He currently holds post graduate education certifications in acupuncture and manipulation under anesthesia. Dr. Cawley uses a variety of techniques when treating his patients. Some of these include: diversifed gadjusting, extremity manipulation, Cox-Flexion distraction, Thompson Drop Table, activator methods, sacro occiptal technique, active release and kinesotaping.

    Dr. Cawley resides in Chicago and speaks Spanish. He enjoys traveling and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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