• Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection (KESI)

    In patients with a suspected disorder of the lumbar spine canal (a narrowing of the spinal canal called spinal stenosis), a caudal epidural injection can be performed to differentiate between other disorders, such as those of the hip. A needle can be used to access the spinal column via the sacrum. Medication (depomedrol and local anesthetic) is then injected. The same technique can be utilized to treat RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).

    Studies have shown that, in the majority of patients, the medication spreads throughout the lumbar spine region and to all the nerve roots. In properly selected patients, there is often a lessening of symptoms, and they are able to walk better without pain. As a result, it is possible to delay surgery or eliminate the need for surgery.

    Oftentimes Caudal Epidurals can be done by Dr. Ring to alleviate failed back syndrome, or as an inferior approach to lower back pain in patients who have previously had back surgery.

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